Welcome to SparkCity !

In a bustling city like Amsterdam, the lives of people are entwined with the build environment. They use a variety of transport modes, and everybody and everything needs energy. How do we understand and guide such a complex system? That is the focus of SparkCity.

SparkCity provides road-maps that accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and mobility.

We predict that most of our energy will come from solar and wind while mobility will increasingly be electric, autonomous and shared.

We use the open-source, agent-based SparkCity model. In it, we recreate realistic representations of real world regions, populated with recognizable people and machines. Then we bring the people and machines to life inside the computer allow our sustainable future to emerge, while policies and products can be tweaked for best results.

This approach is ideal for businesses and government organisations looking for innovative solutions. Click here to see what we offer.

We welcome collaboration with other researchers and students looking for an internship or master thesis.