SparkCity provides road-maps that accelerate the transition to renewable energy and mobility.

We started SparkCity because of the horrendous track record in this area of traditional organisations like IEA and EIA. We found that traditional models are unsuited to predict the transition. And so we developed a better model.

SparkCity is driven by mission not money. For that reason the code is open source: you can steal it and it won’t even be illegal. That said, nobody knows the model better than we do and our prices are very reasonable, so why not work with us?

This is a short-list of typical clients and questions, ideally suited for SparkCity:

  • Grid operators.
  • Municipalities.
    • Policy makers responsible for charge point placement.
    • Transportation planners.
    • Urban planners.
  • National governments.
  • Charge point operators.
  • Mobility providers.
  • Vehicle manufacturers.
  • Demand-response aggregators.