EVS30: calculating the total cost of ownership of EVs by Auke Hoekstra

One of the encouraging outcomes of the SparkCity model is that by modelling the cost components of electric vehicles in detail (including the learning curves of batteries and electric drivetrains) and contrasting this with actual user behavior we can show that EVs will soon be cheaper to own.

The paper that explains this and that I wrote together with Anand Vijayashankar and Vedant Linesh Sundrani can already be downloaded here:

EVS30 4340854 – Modelling the Total Cost of Ownership of Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands – Auke Hoekstra et al FINAL

Recently I found out this is even true for eTrucks (although that is not part of the SparkCity model yet) as can be read is this blog series on eTrucks.

The presentation I gave can be downloaded too: TCO presentation EVS30

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