Effective policy measures to speed up the adoption of EVs

“If we want to work towards a cleaner society, it’s most effective if we switch to potentially clean cars directly.”

Based on a detailed simulation, a PhD thesis (full text here) that will be defended this Friday (7th of March 2014) gives policy makers three pieces of sound advice. I translate it to the impact on electric cars and charging infrastructure. Continue reading “Effective policy measures to speed up the adoption of EVs”

Cut the car in half!

This year we will meet a new type of electric “car” that cuts the regular car in half. It uses 1/20th of the energy (you read that right), will be much cheaper and it’s going to be fun!

During my daily commute, I often wonder at all those empty seats we drive around. Have you ever tried counting how many cars that pass you by during you daily commute have more hand one person in them? They are easy to count because on average less than one in 25 cars has a passenger. Continue reading “Cut the car in half!”