Martin Fowler on NOSQL and graph databases

Since SparkCity is a virtual city, it exists in the form of bits and bytes on some computer. “Building” stuff requires moving and storing these bits and bytes the right way. Which is another way of saying that the database is the very fundament of SparkCity.

Recently there is a lot of talk about NOSQL databases. For simulation people talk about a subset of NOSQL database called graph databases. Graph databases are much better suited than relational databases to store and retrieve the sort of connectted data that simulations yield. That means faster response times but above all faster simulation development. At least, that is the claim.

To get an overview of what the buzz is all about, I have found no better introduction than this 50 minute talk by Martin Fowler. He puts it all into crystal clear perspective and even explains why we are stuck with the name NOSQL (hint: it started as a hashtag).

[youtube id=”qI_g07C_Q5I” width=”560″ autoplay=”false”]


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